Hello everyone!

So nice that you have found your way to Heighway Ukuleles webpage.

Let me tell you something about myself.

I'm an englishman living in Finland. I'm a father of two boys.  I have a very long history with handcraft. I've been doing structural repair with aircraft for many years.  

Due to my ukulele playing friend, I decided to build myself a good ukulele. I ordered some tools and some wood and the rest is history. I built my first ukulele in 2011. First three years went building, learning and developing my skills. 

I build custom made ukuleles from finest materials. Tell me what you want and you will get a ukulele you wished for.

I've built ukuleles from mahogany, Indian Rosewood, cherry, koa. Just let me know what do you want and don't be afraid to take contact to me.